What Photo Filters are Best for Instagram Marketing?

Instagram Stories first made people’s Instagram feeds sleeker, more colorful and just generally more fun. They could post their artistic photos in the background of someone else’s Story—and secretly make someone jealous and/or un-follow you while doing it. That post-publishing feature still makes for some very sweet stories, particularly when you show a glam shot […]

How to Track Social Media Marketing Results

Here’s how to track results from social media efforts. Each business has its own unique social media strategy that should accommodate its channel of choice and goals. For example, a packaged goods company may use Facebook for display advertising and Facebook Live to achieve brand awareness. Conversely, a financial services company may have more success […]

Is Social Media Marketing Effective?

Brands are increasing their investments in online marketing. According to eMarketer, U.S. marketers will spend $156.1 billion on digital advertising in 2019, up 10.3 percent over 2018, for a compounded annual growth rate of 9.3 percent. Most brand marketers—68 percent—plan to increase their digital marketing budget in 2019, according to a Forrester survey. What they’re […]

Common SEO Mistakes

Search engine optimization is a tricky science—because bad SEO could give you one of two outcomes: kill your site in the Google search results for a hot topic, or complete domination of the web. Here are some common SEO mistakes to avoid—so that your website will remain relevant to readers in the end. Over-optimizing: Most […]