Ten New Trends in Digital Marketing

Boomerang marketers thrive because they don’t “follow the data.” Instead, they win by using data analytics to shape creative, expose trends before other marketers do, create extraordinary audiences and run direct-response campaigns. Here are 10 trends and the ways they’re winning. 1. The purpose of execution is not to deliver results—it’s to inspire. Marketing isn’t […]

What is Viral Marketing?

As we’ve written before, today’s chief marketing officers are faced with a grab bag of challenges, from old brands that never got traction on social media to new ones that can’t find a way to be competitive. Agencies are grappling with integrating those new entities—with any influence, cultural norms or historical assumptions—and developing the technologies […]

Top 10 Facebook Advertising Tips

The idea of targeting Facebook ads—and other content on Facebook—with precision seems limited only by the imagination of the advertiser. Without doubt, there are numerous options for targeting content and audiences on Facebook. Here’s a quick guide to what each of these targeting methods can help you achieve. Facebook Audience Network Audience Network allows marketers […]

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Tips

Social influencer marketing has evolved considerably since I started my company two years ago. The No. 1 key to effective influencer marketing is a specific formula: Communication, engagement, and reputation—all started with communication. Here are the 10 most important practices I learned as a speaker and private brand consultant to influencers, companies, and marketers to […]