What is Social Media Marketing?

Technology has resulted in an explosion of channels within which companies can reach consumers, yet it has created a muddled process for marketers to determine which medium is most effective, social media specifically. Online companies are known for promoting themselves, and are subjected to a very competitive landscape in which content and competing messages sometimes […]

Top 10 Content Marketing Tips

Discover 10 post-media industries’ best practices in storytelling. How can marketers do the same? Consider experimenting with new forms of storytelling, from in-feed actionable messaging to branded fiction. Here are 10 content marketing trends to watch in 2019: 1. We must create emotionally compelling, engaging content that encourages consumer engagement. The new business approach is […]

Top 10 SEO Tips

Using advertising to increase your content’s search engine ranking is not only more effective for your company than simply attempting to rank, but can also extend your business beyond your present boundaries. The key to SEO is to start with a solid foundation from search ranking and optimize your business for an extended reach. Below […]

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is the process by which we provide search engines with relevant content. So every day we get emails offering SEO tips, and pages spring up to market SEO services. At first, I thought: “I’ll sign on to it.” But what exactly do these tips entail? Search engines have an incredibly […]