Tips for Curating Great Content

For content creators, it’s easy to get swept up in the frenzy of now. And for users, it’s easy to zero in on the new and trendy—or to simply neglect the old and commonplace. Not to mention, with more than 1 billion people already scrolling through your News Feed and spreading your content out to their friends, it’s difficult to know how to find the content your audience actually wants to see. As a content creator, it’s easy to think of social media as a sea of noise. But in the right hands, social media can be a powerful way to create engagement and drive traffic to your site and content. Here are some tips that can help you balance today’s chatter with that of tomorrow.

Moderate – Create a community of people interested in the same things.

Understand the content you’re publishing and tailor it so it is instantly recognizable. Look for titles or descriptions that draw connections between content. A simple “RIP March 11, 1986” can trigger reactions or conversation on our social channels. For those who want to talk about specific topics, invite them in to share their knowledge and their passions. Once content is seeded, you can craft the community of people most engaged with the post and those who are the most likely to come back.

Keep content fresh.

Have new ideas in mind to keep your content fresh—a regular editorial calendar keeps content flowing. Editorial calendars should include a minimum of three posts per week—shorter content that’s more visual (such as on Instagram), while longer pieces should be more structured and incorporate some of your own voice, voice that moves to more attention-grabbing photo forms, like in these charming Oma posts.

Respond, but not too much.

Replying to all comments and engaging with every possible piece of content is tempting. But this kind of engagement can weigh down on your machine, as your social accounts can become overwhelmed with this kind of activity. Use moderation tools, like Replofter, that help filter out unwanted content and engage only the most thoughtful and conversational conversations.

Praise away.

Mentioning specific elements or author pages on content can drive visitors to your site. This is the equivalent of getting “red carpet treatment” from a celebrity at a premiere—providing a behind-the-scenes look into the scenes and letting readers enter into that world.

Be game.

This one seems like a no-brainer, but almost every day I see screenshots of that app or website on Facebook. Engaging with other content about that feature is a fun way to drive traffic. For example, I encourage people to click on captions at the end of my brand stories to learn more about how I think, and then to follow my content on their favorite apps and websites.

Focus on actionable insights.

You might think your audience just wants to share your stuff. But a real audience is interested in practical information, not just superficial stuff. Try using analytics to think deeply about your audience and engage in a conversation about behaviors and concerns. Then ask your audience what the action they would take if they really understood your content and who should do what. Use this valuable insight to inform your social strategies for the future.

Listen carefully.

Be prepared to listen carefully. Talk with your audience regularly about their needs, their preferences and their concerns.

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