Top 10 Facebook Advertising Tips

The idea of targeting Facebook ads—and other content on Facebook—with precision seems limited only by the imagination of the advertiser. Without doubt, there are numerous options for targeting content and audiences on Facebook. Here’s a quick guide to what each of these targeting methods can help you achieve.

Facebook Audience Network

Audience Network allows marketers to buy ads in Facebook and Instagram, as well as Facebook Audience Network Audience Marketplace, a direct sales model based on a users’ data. Brands can run both direct-response campaigns as well as brand-awareness campaigns to reach specific users with more targeted messaging. Content targeting in Audience Network does not require matching a user’s Facebook profile to their AD profile.

Audience Targeting

Facebook provides its first party information to the advertisers. Only people with verified Facebook profiles (that’s 75 percent of its 2.2 billion monthly active users) are served ads in Audience Network. You can also serve targeted ads to people who’ve viewed media on other Facebook platforms. You can reach highly qualified audiences by targeting narrow interests such as “small business,” “marketing” or “collectibles.”

Facebook Custom Audiences

Let your audience target their fans with Facebook Custom Audiences. Marketers can add their own features to the audience design. Custom Audiences can be updated every month or more frequently, enabling your ads to be served to customers who have previous engagement. If you have access to Facebook user data, Custom Audiences can help you build targeting insights based on your customers’ Facebook behaviors and associated interests.

Audience Verification

For a large portion of users, Facebook’s Ad Integrity Platform can ensure that all their ads are indeed serving ads for relevant content. Consumers can use the Ads Integrity Center feature to verify their interest for an “interest badge” that shows up on an ad’s visitor path to verified content. People who aren’t included on the Interest Badge list can still serve targeted ads to their non-verified friends.

Audience Relevant Ads

“Audience Relevant Ads” can include content targeted to specific demographics, geographies and interests, according to age and gender to allow for targeting choices that are different from the user’s “conversation” with friends on Facebook. If you’re using FB-owned Audience Marketplace and Ads Integrity Platform for targeting Audience Marketplace ads, you can only reach users who haven’t made a purchase or posted a purchase to a business’ content in the last 90 days (can be up to two months). Otherwise, you can target Audience Marketplace ads by the customer’s interest level or location.

Facebook Audience Preferences

You can target Facebook users with Facebook Audience Preferences-related ads through any method that you choose.

Audience Matched

Facebook offers audience matching through Audience Match. It uses the advertiser’s own data and external data sources such as email addresses and phone numbers (including phone numbers that were identified from ads). Audience Match is useful for getting advertisers beyond a typical Facebook ad reach and to other types of content such as online video, web maps and beyond.

Audience Delivery Platform

Facebook offers Audience Delivery Platform (ADP) for publishers. It allows publishers to use Facebook Audience Platform to serve ads across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Marketplace to perform reach optimization on e-commerce ads, content referral ads and e-mail campaigns.

Marketing on Facebook

Although “on-Facebook” advertising requires advertisers to use Facebook’s automated targeting tools, getting exposure to a demographic based on an audience build can be quite valuable. Now, when a brand plans a campaign to reach people across all Facebook platforms—and this includes Instagram—it can also plan outreach beyond the audience through Audience Platform. Plus, it can potentially conduct cross-platform outreach.

Additional insights:

Do your own research to figure out what kind of audience you need before beginning marketing.

Avoid cookie-based audience targeting, which allows Facebook to mine historical data on your previous interactions and sales to feed back your audiences. Social media can offer you the data to determine the best way to reach your audience.

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