Top 10 SEO Tips

Using advertising to increase your content’s search engine ranking is not only more effective for your company than simply attempting to rank, but can also extend your business beyond your present boundaries. The key to SEO is to start with a solid foundation from search ranking and optimize your business for an extended reach. Below are a few tips for your SEO, starting with your content.

To compile these top 10 tips for your SEO, I utilized the Cognitive Business Analytics model that I developed on the early sites. The model allows you to benchmark and determine your ranking, your relevancy to your target audience, your media mix, and new top performing aspects of your business. After I implemented the Cognitive Business Analytics model to my site, the results blew me away.

Below you will find my top 10 SEO tips, which are designed to assist you to achieve your goal of increasing your share of your audience’s revenue stream by improving your ranked content. With all of these tips in place, your SEO, your SEM, and your brand can travel well beyond what you initially imagined.

• Choose content you believe will resonate with your target audience. The audience is your primary consideration when choosing your content and when publishing it.

• Utilize the visual aspect of SEO to the greatest extent possible.

• Use the right keywords and timing, ranging from your content creation and SEO campaigns to the content you place on your website and social media pages.

• Showcase your brand to the maximum extent possible and build more credibility for your brand.

• Consistently update your existing content, optimize and optimize your content by taking measures to combat the negative SEO effects of the previous practices.

• Choose an industry-specific SEO agency that understands the specific situations your business is in. The best approaches are best adapted to each individual’s business.

• Create multiple social media platforms for your audience to engage on and share from.

• Strategically set marketing budgets and see which ones you need to spend, based on the long-term goal of your organization.

• Embrace video to drive conversions, generate leads, and build credibility within your industry.

• Leverage the interactivity of video. Think about how you would like to invite your audience to participate in your editorial strategy.

The final step in optimizing your content is improving your link base. At Brinker Media, our SEO account is managed by Thomas Tarantola, who works diligently to continually improve our site’s rank and content. The key to increasing your rankings is to link back to your site. To greatly increase your SEO, monitor your site and see which links appear to others from the likes of Google, Bing, and Yahoo! These links will provide you with an added level of validation.

With all of these SEO tips in place, you can increase your revenue flow, see returns on your investment, and advance your business to the next level. Simply refine your SEO strategy to target this list of steps. With all of these steps in place, your SEO, your SEM, and your brand can travel well beyond what you initially imagined.

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